Risto Rautava is the Chairman of the Helsinki City Planning committee and Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) and a member Helsinki city council.

In decision making, we need to think about how plans and decisions improve the well-being of people  living in Helsinki. Residents' well-being means, for example, that

  • there are jobs,
  • we take care of the environment and
  • we have good public and private services.


Targets at the header level

  • We need more reasonable priced housing for Helsinki.
  • We need a center tunnel to Helsinki. The city center will become more attractive and passing it gets smoother.
  • Lets make sure that Helsinki will continue to develop as a pleasant, attractive and safe city.
  • We need to keep the costs down - we do not raise taxes but strive for the tax-reduction
  • We need to take responsibility for each other.
  • We need to find new ways to take organizations and companies as partners with the city.

Risto Rautava

Born: 1954
Married. Family: wife, 3 children from primary school to university
Two adult children from former marriage.
Residing in Helsinki

Weight about 74 kg (March 19th 2017)
Length 1693 mm (with thick socks on)
Body shape - Slightly teardrop-shaped (optimum when moving under the speed of sound)

Education and experience

At the moment, I am an entrepreneur and offer professional services to improve productivity. I am a member of the Helsinki entrepreneurs society

Officer Cadet: The National Defense University (NDU). My military rank is commander.

The Finnish Defense Forces in 1979-2006: a number of different managerial and professional tasks. In 2003-2006, I managed and participated in various development projects.

Helsinki Region Transport Authority (HSL), Chairman of the board

Helsinki City Planning Committee (Chairman)

Helsinki City Board Chairman 9/2009 -1/2013  Party: National Coalition Party, Kokoomus

City Council 2001  (ongoing)


Community outreach
Art and music in the audience
Walking two dogs
Biking, hiking in the wilderness, cross-country skiing.

Risto Rautava and Mayor Jussi Pajunen in Helsinki City Boards Meeting 10/2012